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European Culture and Heritage in Illinois

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

Just a sampling of the resources available online, this page lists Illinois European culture organizations and materials for investigating European immigration in Illinois.

European Cultural Events in Illinois

Annual Chicago Christkindl Markt

Every winter, Chicago boasts the largest German Christmas market in the United States. This strong example of Illinois/EU partnership appears in the many international vendors from Europe who take part in the market each year. This year the market will run from November 20 - December 24, 2012.

Annual Gene Siskel European Union Film Festival

This past March, the Gene Siskel Film Center hosted the 14th Annual European Union Film Festival, the largest showcase in North America for the films of European Union nations, this year's festival including 64 films representing E.U. 24 nations.

The opening night of the festival is traditionally presided over by the nation currently holding the presidency of the European Union. The Gene Siskel Film Center's partners for this event include consulates, the consuls general, and the cultural institutes of the European Union in Chicago, and their embassies in Washington, D.C..

European Immigrants and Illinois


This website targets Chicago residents who are citizens of the European Union. Various events are sponsored by EuroChicago, and the organization offers its members resources for maintaining EU and cultural traditions while enjoying Chicago and building bonds with members from different EU-member states.

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Exploring the Midwest's French Roots

French settlers were the first Europeans to explore Illinois; many names around the state still display this early European influence. From Illinois Periodicals Online, this article provides a narrative about the Midwest's early history and French and Native American interaction.

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French Creole Culture

French Creole Fiddler Dennis Stroughmatt has explored the early French history of Illinois through music, story telling, and language. His personal website offers an introduction to the French history of "Upper Louisiana" and includes links to his recordings and upcoming events. As an artist of the Mid-America Arts Alliance, he speaks frequently, showcasing French heritage in Illinois.

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Greek Immigration to Illinois

This student paper provides an introduction to Greek immigrants traveling to and settling in the United States.

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Illinois History Teacher - Illinois Periodicals Online

This collection of periodicals features pieces on different European immigrant groups. Browse sixteen years' worth of articles on Illinois history as it relates to European immigration.

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Illinois Sister Cities

Contact International Trade Specialist Iwona Bochenska at the Illinois Office of Trade and Investment for more information about applying for a sister city partnership or to receive information about existing partnerships.

European-American Cultural Organizations, by Country

European Consulates in Chicago


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